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(Top TF2 pixels by: disfiguredstick, left sidebar image by: thealwaysconcernedsniper, and gif above by: chiizupi)

"My face's a fuckin' cliché."

((This is a roleplay blog for a BLU named Marie Vaugh in the TF2 fandom. This will rarely be NSFW, but if anything is then it will be tagged as such. Thank you and please don't be shy to start a rp!))


tf2 sketchbook doodles I did~ (*^▽^)/

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Miss P’s hair game

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TF2 Map Appreciation Post #3 - cp_5gorge

What can I say, this map is gorgeous. And, once again, I failed to notice that skylight until I actually opened the map in GMod.

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[I’m so happy]

//goat what are you doing to Marie….


this should be sort of medical comedy drama show

support class medical team is here

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TF2 Map Appreciation Post #2 - koth_nucleus

In case you haven’t figured it out already, I tend to focus on the parts of the maps that I often overlook while playing. In this case, the sky. Which, for an embarrassingly long period of time, I didn’t even know was visible on this map.

Also, some of the textures on the map were fucked up, so I couldn’t take as many shots as I’d wanted. Sorry about that.

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A Second Opinion



She makes sure to look extra disgruntled whenever he turns towards her. 

"He likes the guitar, too. I got him one of his own. ‘N’ he enjoys hangin’ out ‘n’ watching Star Trek. Other than that he isn’t real open about all of his interests." 

"Ah, excellent. I was hoping he would get himself a guitar, and yes I have noticed. He has his reasons about not being open, I am sure." Reasons he isn’t quick to point out in his present company, something that has less to do with her temperament toward him and more to do with the confidentiality. 

"He may be going through some changes soon, involving some treatments. I do not think I have to ask, but if you can be supportive of him…" he trails, believing he doesn’t have to finish his line of thought. Pausing in his walking he half turns to look at her again, this time with a smile. 

"Again, I would like to thank you for meeting me despite your reluctance. I believe that may be all I can ask you. Should more come to mind, might I call upon you again?" 

"Mhm." ‘We all do,’ she continues in her head.

As soon as he pauses, she follows suit. Marie glances off to the side and all around them, stare landing close to Hans but just beyond his head. “What treatments? What changes?” She frowns at a tree in the distance.

With a light shrug she replies, “Yeah, yeah. But next time I’m only doin’ this if Scott’s there too.” 

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Ways to Weaken Your Story from the Beginning


The beginning of your novel is super important and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Planning out the first few chapters of your novel can be difficult, so I’ve come up with a list of things you should try to avoid. For the most part, pulling from this list will weaken your story. I know there are always exceptions, but I can almost guarantee you many publishers and agents are tired of seeing the same plot devices used over and over again.

So, here are a few ways to automatically weaken your story from the first few sentences:

Start with a long description of your character.

Sure, it helps your readers to have an image of your main character in their minds, BUT you don’t need to put the full description in the first paragraph. There might be a few things you want to mention, but try not to go beyond that until the opportunity presents itself. A full report is not necessary and it will drag your writing down from the beginning. Get creative with how you introduce your character and their appearance. What’s important? What do your readers absolutely need to know? Go with that.

Start with a dream.

I know this does work occasionally, but it happens so often I’m sure most people are sick of it. Starting your novel with a dream is no longer very creative and your readers will just want you to get to the point. However, if you do start with a dream make sure it ties the story together in some way and it’s not just boring story filler.


Start with your character waking up.

This happens so often it’s crazy. It’s alright to begin your novel with something other than your character starting their day. In fact, it’s more exciting when it does. We don’t need to see what they do in the morning or read about them staring at their reflection in the mirror as they get ready for the day. You can start your novel where you want, so do something interesting.

Start with the weather.

Unless your story directly relates to the weather, please try to open your novel with something else. No one really cares about the weather that much, unless it’s some sort of apocalyptic awesome weather, so avoid it where you can.

Start with character emotions/thoughts.

“Where am I?” Amy thought. This is pretty boring. So is, “Amy was sad.” You’re already starting off your novel by telling your readers what your main character is thinking. We want to see it and experience it ourselves. You want to give your readers something to picture. The first sentence of your novel should be exciting and draw your readers in.

-Kris Noel


why settle for flower crowns when you can have flowers and hats? I wanted to make a tf2-related repeating pattern the sake of making myself some clothes out of it, but I might make this available on gumroad and/or redbubble for anyone who wants to do the same (it’s transparent) or put it on your phone or whathaveyou. It took me for-effing-ever to make this but I’m happy to make more patterns of individual classes, or pairings, or threes. Feel free to send me a request. c: Hope you like it.

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